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Ambiguous Arts


AAA: Monthly Concert Series in Victoria BC

Ambiguous Arts is excited to announce the inception of  Ambiguous Arts Anonymous, a new MONTHLY CONCERT SERIES in Victoria BC! In the fall of 2014 we will have our first concert kick off party, and announce upcoming shows for the year. 

For the past six years we have been focusing on interdisciplinary arts events and international showcasing for BC artists. We can't wait to offer touring artists from around the world the opportunity to play in Victoria BC, and local artists the opportunity to connect with international artists in a setting that includes art of many mediums. We aim to do this in a way that will bring new audience's into contact with things they might otherwise be unaware they were missing.

Please contact us at tripleabooking@gmail.com to submit your band, or performance. 

Campbell Bay Music Fest
Ambiguous Arts is proud to act as an umbrella organization for spirited arts! Please check out our newest connection, Campbell Bay Music Fest, a long standing, volunteer run festival on Mayne Island. http://www.campbellbaymusicfest.com/